pickle ball


Stay out of the kitchen and you’ll be ok. No, we’re not talking about cooking. If you’ve ever played a racquet sport or badminton you’ll know what to do.

Pickelball is played with two, three or four players. It involves hitting a whiffle type ball over the net using small wooden or graphite paddles.


Very similar to tennis, with a few mods.

    The net is 34″ high at the center and can be played as singles or doubles.
  • Points are gained only by the serving team and the score must be announced before each serve.
  • The game is played to 11 points and requires a 2 point spread to win.
  • The team that serves first only gets one serve, but each team member gets to serve until they lose the point. The score includes the serving team score (e.g. 5), the receiving team score (e.g. 3) and the server number (either #1 or #2). So different from tennis, you’d call out three numbers 5.3.2.
  • Serving is always done underhand from behind the baseline, across the court and past the kitchen (the no-volley zone). Points are scored by the serving team only.